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Newsletter Date: 9 December 2021

Issue: 18/21

Kia ora Whanau

This is almost our final full newsletter for 2021. It feels a bit surreal to be writing this as there seems to be so much unfinished business for the year! Next week with the report you will receive my final newsletter that has the school organisation for 2022 on it.
I am sure like me you have learned a lot this year about not taking things for granted and appreciating the little things in life. It can be easy to get weighed down with all the messiness happening in the world right now. Our children are great reminders to stay calm and to be grateful for the laughter and smiles of friends and loved ones.
I do want to say a huge thank you to all our parents who have been amazing mums, dads, teachers, nurses, information analysts and safety officers! You have done an amazing job this year! Thank you for supporting us in our efforts to keep our children safe and happy, for following our strict guidelines once we came back onsite, for putting the needs of everyone first before your own personal needs. By working together we have been a phenomenal force! Take that Covid! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 


Just a reminder that the end of year reports will be sent out electronically on 14th December. The report will include a stationery list, 2022 school organisation and your child’s report. If you have unused stationery from 2021 please know that you can reuse this in 2022. Feel free to amend your stationery order to suit your own requirements.


Next year we have a few staff on leave and new teachers coming in to cover their positions. Firstly our lovely Miss Kim has taken a year’s leave to travel back home to South Korea to see her family. Jinny hasn’t seen her family in person for many years. Jinny will return in the 2023 school year.

Our wonderful Alyssa Farrow is expecting her first baby in March 2022. Alyssa will be joining us for the month of February before she takes maternity leave for the rest of 2022. We wish Alyssa and Bryce every happiness and a safe arrival of baby Farrow.

As you may be aware, the wonderful Shannon Corlett gave birth to her second baby Felix in October. Shannon will be on maternity leave for the first 3 terms of 2022.

New staff joining us for 2022 are: Rachel Cosslett, Sydney Haslem and Stephanie Richardson. We know these dynamic teachers will bring a new dimension to Team Bayview (especially as both Rachel and Sydney are ex pupils!)

Next year we are also making a change to our school structure. In 2022 we will not be having a reception class but instead will have 5 new entrant rooms our new learners will be able to join over the year. Mr Jacob Allison our Assistant Principal will also be fully released from the classroom and will be working to support the executive leadership team as well as mentoring two of our new teachers. This means our fabulous Michelle Hayden’s contract with Bayview has come to an end. Michelle has been providing release for Jacob so he could fulfil his Assistant Principal and mentor teacher roles. Michelle brought with her a love for the environment and in particular the local Bayview stream and waterfall. Michelle has facilitated lots of learning around keeping this habitat healthy for the eels and other wildlife that enjoy this space. 

It is not goodbye it is simply see you later to all our wonderful teachers going on leave. We are so incredibly lucky to have such a high quality staff working with our learners.


I have been so very proud of how our children have coped during this very disrupted year. I know for many it has been a difficult time being in and out of lockdown. Seeing the children return to school and run through the gates has been a delight. They have shown bravery and resolve in working through their fears to return to school. 

For some of our older students it has been hard missing out on the normal end of year events, in particular our Year 6 cohort have missed most of their end of year celebrations. I know there has been disappointment but I also know you have helped them work through this and build resilience around the disappointment.


A huge congratulations to ex Bayview student Mitchell Atkinson for becoming the Youth MP for Northcote! This is a stunning achievement! We know Mitchell is out to change the world for the better!

Congratulations also to our learners who have provided a service to the school this year. Although we couldn’t hold our normal end of year celebrations we have been able to thank these learners with a certificate of appreciation this week. 


As you know with our rebranding we are looking at changing our school uniform, but, with the disruption of lockdown we have made minimal progress with this. Our current school uniform of light blue polo with navy shorts or skort is still our uniform for 2022. This can be purchased from the Warehouse in Glenfield. Any change will not come into effect until the end of 2022/beginning 2023. Please note that it is expected that from 3rd February all our learners will be in the correct school uniform whilst attending school. Please name everything with your child’s full name (not just initials) so if they lose it we can reunite them with it.


I would love to tell you that at the beginning of 2022 all will be back to normal, but I can’t! Like you we hear the announcements as they are live streamed by the government, we don’t get a heads up prior to any announcement. At this stage I hope we can return back to having all learners back onsite at once. I hope we can re-engage with sports and events we have missed out on this year. I hope we can welcome you back to reconnect as whānau. We will have to wait and see what happens over the summer. We will keep you informed via our newsletter and on Seesaw of any developments. 

The office will reopen on Tuesday 18th January for enrolments or any queries you may have.

Over the Christmas break we have Ubique Painting Services repainting some of the exterior of the school and washing the entire school including roofs. Please be aware of this should you be using the school grounds over the break and keep both yourselves and our painters safe. 

Please note that school finishes for the year on Tuesday 14th December at 3pm.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and get to enjoy some of your favourite things over the break!

Ngā mihi 

Di Raynes           

Dates for Diaries

Last day of term 4 3pm


Office opens

18 Jan

Auckland anniversary day


Whanau meetings

3&4 Feb

Waitangi day observance

7 Feb

All children back

8 Feb



We have a group of teenagers who are causing a bit of mischief at school and around the kindy and community centre. We know some of the kids and I have spoken with their parents about what they have been doing around the school. This has stopped the majority of issues at school thankfully but two of the teens are not ex Bayview and have no sense of ownership to our school or community. Over this past weekend a group of people decided to go and trash the Bayview Kindergarten. This meant the children were not able to play outside on Monday until the damage had been fixed. If you see teens causing trouble at the school or kindergarten please tell them off or phone the police. It is an offence to cause damage to our school or to the community. 

Our community constable is Paul Donaldson and his contact details are:

Senior Constable Paul Donaldson

Community Constable Glenfield / Bayview | Auckland Search & Rescue  

Waitemata District | New Zealand Police

P   +64 9 4782466 Extn: 96121  |   

M   +64 21 1914215   |   E   [email protected]

Glenfield Community Police Station, 365 Glenfield Road Glenfield.

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