Pikorua Term 2 2014

This term, the Pikorua learning group have been meeting regularly on Fridays. Room 2 have been teaching rooms 1, 3, 4, & 5 about weaving, making lanterns about celebrating matariki and today they taught us different rakau songs.

Alyssa is reading the Ready to Read story of Matariki to the learning group.



A Book of Poems

The attached booklet is a collection of awesome poems written by Megan and Jenna from Room 16.

Giraffes Can't Dance

Room Five's shared reading book was called 'Giraffes Can't Dance' by Giles Andreae.

Ivy has re-told this story in her own words.


Giraffes Can't Dance

By Ivy Tottenham

Visiting the Gym


On Thursday the 7th of March Bayview School visited the construction site of the gym. Here are some stories room five wrote about the experience.


Visiting the Construction Site

By Sam Buggay


I was surprised. It was the first time going in to the construction site. We had to wear safety gear. When I went to go in there, Tim showed us building stuff.


Visiting the Hall

By Emma

We Like Things at School by Room 6

Room 6 has rewritten the book "We Like Things on Earth" as "We Like Things at School"

Our learning this week was about getting clues from the illustrations to help us read and giving clues in our own pictures to help others know what our story is about.

Enjoy our rewrite and our illustrations :)

We Like Things at School by Room 6.

Stick City By Connor Bamforth




stick city

Anna's building

My building is made out of sticks ,two wooden blocks & masking tape. It has a pool with a penguin in it & a rabbit cage with a rabbit in it.

The house

stick city

Room 14 has been making a stick city.  We made fort, sky tower, house, jail, park, bridges, and a city called Stick city!!!! Looks interesting so far. I think there will be atacks -.- luckly we made a fort and we can go sky diving... =D. a park so we can do active things. a hotel so we can have a holiday and in, the city. a office for working of cource $.$ _____________________________________


Stick City By Elvis Atkins & Nathan Bugay

Stick city was built on 11/12/12, (and is not a real city it is just a little model city made of sticks.) The whole of room 14 made something in stick city.Stick city is on a table in Rm 14, Bayview school, Bayview Rd, Glenfield, North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand. The Top builders are Connor B , Luke V ,Matthew K.

Animal Masks by Dylin Dobbs

Last week we did some collage about animals, like tigers and others. These are the steps we used to make them .

Step 1 Draw your animal.

 Step 2 Get some ripped up bits of paper and some p.v.a glue.

 Step3 Start to put glue on the ripped up bits of paper.  Put the paper on your animal's  face.

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